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Glaucoma is well known for its ability to cause vision loss in patients who've been diagnosed with the condition. If you have a family history of glaucoma and are worried about your eyesight, the staff of Eye Care of East Bay encourages you to make an appointment with Dr. Vahid Feiz as soon as possible. He serves residents who live in and around the Walnut Creek, California area, as well as many nearby communities.


What causes glaucoma?

Glaucoma is caused by an increase in the eye pressure referred to as intraocular pressure. The eye is filled with an aqueous fluid that is constantly produced and drained through a section of the eye called "the angle".
If the fluid can no longer circulate normally, it can cause pressure within the eye to increase. This can eventually damage the nerve of the eye (optic nerve) resulting in progressive and irreversible visual loss.
There are two main types of glaucoma:

Open angle glaucoma and angle closure glaucoma.

Open angle glaucoma usually has no symptoms expect progressive loss of peripheral vision. Often the patient has no pain or other visual problems until the disease is advanced and the patient can present with tunnel vision.

Angle closure glaucoma can occur suddenly with severe eye pain and rapid visual loss.

What happens if glaucoma is left untreated?

If glaucoma isn't properly treated, the patient can experience irreversible vision loss. While the pressure may begin to increase over time, it can start to cause damage even in early stages. That damage is irreversible. If glaucoma is diagnosed early, it can often be treated in a variety of manners to decrease the eye pressure. This will in turn prevent damage to the optic nerve and prevent visual loss.

What are the expected results of glaucoma treatment?

The goal of glaucoma treatment is to reduce eye pressure to a normal or low level. It is kept within normal range and the pressure that's placed on the optic nerve is minimal. This can be achieved with eye drops, laser treatment, or microsurgery.

By closely monitoring the health of your eyes, Dr. Feiz can determine if glaucoma is present and whether or not it will cause problems in the future.