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Dr. Vahid Feiz and the staff of Eye Care of East Bay offer both contact lenses and eyeglasses as proven methods of vision correction. The facility is located in Walnut Creek, California and serves residents in many of the surrounding communities. If you need to have your eyes examined and are concerned that you may need corrective lenses, Dr. Feiz can help guide you in the right direction.

Contact Lense

Are there different types of contact lenses?

There are several different types of contact lenses that Dr. Feiz can prescribe to you. They include:

  • Rigid gas-permeable – Extremely rigid, but still porous enough to let oxygen pass through to the eye
  • Daily wear soft lenses – Soft, extremely flexible, but should be removed each night
  • Extended wear lenses – Can be either soft or rigid and can be worn overnight
  • Extended wear disposable lenses – Can be worn for up to six days without issue

The health of your eyes will often determine what type of lens Dr. Feiz recommends.

It is crucial for you to follow the instructions on how to properly wear your contact lenses, so you don't damage your eyes or experience vision loss.

What does “extended wear” mean?

In most cases, extended wear means the contact lenses can be worn overnight and for a prolonged period. Unlike daily wear contact lenses, you can wear extended wear lenses for several days. You can even sleep in them.

Extended wear disposable lenses are designed to be thrown away after you've worn them for several days, while regular extended wear lenses can be reused over and over again, even though they've been worn for several days in a row. It's important to give your eyes a rest for several days by removing your contacts and giving your eyes a chance to “breathe.”

Who should not wear contact lenses?

Individuals who suffer from chronic dry eye syndrome may find that wearing contact lenses is extremely uncomfortable. If you suffer from severe allergies or have a condition that requires that you place drops in your eye on a regular basis, Dr. Feiz will advise against you having contacts.

Contact lenses go directly onto the surface of the eye. If you have any difficulty placing them in your eye or have problems with dexterity, contact lenses may not be your best choice. Dr. Feiz will evaluate the health of your eyes and help you to make an informed choice about whether or not contact lenses will work for you.