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Cataract Surgery Specialist

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Cataracts are one of the most common eye conditions reported as people age. Dr. Vahid Feiz performs various types of surgical procedures, including both laser and traditional methods, to remove cataracts and improve your vision. At Eye Care of East Bay, Dr. Feiz and his staff will evaluate the condition of your eyes and determine what type of procedure is best for you. He has served residents of the Walnut Creek, California area for over 20 years and is highly skilled in many different procedures.

Cataract Surgery

What are the signs of cataracts?

Inside the eye there is a clear lens that focuses the light to the back of the eye. As we age, the lens inside the eye gradually loses its clarity and is then called a cataract. Cataracts take time to develop and can cause many different symptoms along the way. One of the most common indications(that a cataract has started to form,) is your vision becomes cloudy, dim, or blurred. You may also begin to see “halos” or auras around lights.

In some cases, using a brighter light for reading or performing detailed tasks will be needed. Due to the loss of clarity of the lens inside the eye, you may experience mild sensitivity to light or trouble seeing at night. Colors may also begin to look different and appear less vibrant. In the early stages cataracts may only cause minor difficulties that may be improved by use of glasses. However, in the later stages the only treatment is cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgery involves taking you to the operating room, removing the cataract, and replacing it with a new synthetic lens referred to as intraocular lens. Dr. Vahid Feiz will perform a thorough eye exam to determine if a cataract is present. If so, he will recommend a treatment that effectively meets your needs.

Dr. Vahid Feiz will perform a thorough eye exam to determine if a cataract is present. If so, he will recommend a treatment that effectively meets your needs.

What happens during cataract surgery?

If it is determined that a patient can benefit from cataract surgery, the option of surgical treatment will be reviewed with the patient. Typically, cataract surgery is painless, performed under local anesthesia with mild sedation, and in an outpatient setting. The cataract can be removed in a number of ways. An ultrasound device can be inserted into the eye through a very small incision. The device then emulsifies the cataract and removed from the eye. The new lens is then inserted through the incision.

In the majority of cases, the incision is self-sealing and no stitches are needed. If a patient chooses, Dr. Feiz can perform the same procedure with a laser. It is much more precise in its movement and accuracy. Low degrees of astigmatism can also be corrected at the same time if a laser is used for cataract surgery.

At this point insurance does not cover laser cataract surgery. Depending on the patient’s preference, Dr. Feiz can implant either a standard lens in the eye or an intraocular lens that can significantly reduce the need for glasses. Theses lenses are referred to as premium intraocular lenses. Premium lenses are not covered by medical insurances at this point.

What is the visual recovery time after cataract surgery?

In most cases cataract surgery involves a self-sealing incision that will close on its own after Dr. Feiz performs the procedure. He performs this type of procedure on an outpatient basis with no need for an overnight stay in the hospital. Most patients notice improvement of vision soon after surgery(or within 2-3 days after the surgery.) When the laser is utilized for cataract surgery, there may be less swelling and a faster visual recovery.